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Wood chips have long been thought of as a valuable source of renewable energy. Wood biofuels – with the exception of pellets and briquettes – are far less processed than most materials, thus significantly reducing their impact on the environment. Many people use wood chips for landscaping purposes, gardening, playground surfacing and barbecuing. Alongside the allure of its affordability, availability, and environmentally-friendly label, the versatility of wood chippings make it an extremely popular biomass fuel.

There are two types of wood chip: hardwood chip and softwood chip. Hardwood chippings are made up of robust hardwood materials that will not break down without a fight. Softwood chippings are less dense than hardwood chippings and are made up of higher quality mixed softwood that is safer and frequently used in outdoor play centres.

As mentioned, biomass wood chippings are an extremely sought after product and can be used for a variety of purposes. Check out our cheap wood chippings for sale here!


Wood chip prices

Seasoned wood chips: £25/tonne
Unseasoned wood chips £15/tonne

Delivery to Greater Manchester areas only. Delivery included

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Wood Chips for Gardens

A sustainable use of wood chips could be to transform them into garden mulch. As the decomposition of wood chips is a slow process, they will not need to be reapplied to your flower beds for a substantial length of time. The benefits of wood chips in gardening is that the material can protect soil conditions by keeping its moisture levels high and eliminate the growth of unwanted weeds.



Wood Chips for Mushroom Growth

Did you know that mushrooms are wholefully enriched with nutrients and provide cleansing properties to garden soil? If you are a mushroom maverick, wood chips are extremely helpful for encouraging that fungai to come out to play. In an area of the garden shaded by the sun, simply plant the mushroom spores in a patch of wood chips that have already been soaked and cue cultivation!

Wood Chips for Garden Paths

Wood chips can also be used to create soft paths and walkways in your garden and this is extremely easy to put in place. Due to the weed retention properties in wood chips, you can say goodbye to those pesky unwanted visitors creeping in through the cracks!


Wood Chipping For Paths

Wood Chips for Animal Habitats

Not all visitors to your garden may be unwanted. In fact, some visitors may be encouraged! That being said, logs and wood chips can also be used to build animal habitats. Logs can provide the structure for the home and the wood chips will bring extra comfort and stability. Your wildlife guests will surely be leaving you a 5* review on Tripadvisor after that!

Wood chips are also perfect for chicken coops. If you happen to keep chickens, our bock bocking buddies love to hop around in wood chips. Not only do they keep feet from getting muddy but a wood chippings environment is far easier to clean out droppings.

BBQ Wood Chips

If you’re a BBQ connoisseur, then you are likely to be aware of the popular trend of BBQ smoking. Wood chips can be used to enhance the smoky flavouring of barbecued meats and vegetables and different types of woods can create different types of flavour. Hickory wood is intended to provide a smoky bacon style flavouring, whereas apple wood can provide a sweeter taste. Try this method out and impress your friends at the next big summer shindig!

Play Areas - Wood Chips For Flooring

Wood chippings are useful to apply to playgrounds as the material is softer, stable and can cushion accidental (and often inevitable) slips and falls. In play areas where there is a critical fall height of four metres, it is crucial as a safety measure that wood chips of a minimum 300mm depth be implemented as a surface in order to cushion the impact of a fall. Wood chips and bark also add a natural feel to a play area and can withstand turbulent weather conditions.
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The benefits of using wood chips are limitless and not only provide practical solutions to your garden woes, but also for the environment and climate change crisis. Natural is the way forward!

To find out more information about how to incorporate wood chips into your landscape, contact us today!


Wood Chipping For Playgrounds

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