What Is Tree Surgery?

Published on November 8, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered what a tree surgeon does or what tree surgery actually is, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a complete tree surgery guide explaining what a tree surgeon does and the benefits of using their services, followed by some handy FAQs.

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Tree Surgery Explained

The term ‘tree surgery’ refers to a wide range of practices that are performed to keep trees alive and healthy. This can entail everything from pruning and pollarding to felling if disease or fungi is present.

Under civil and criminal law, landowners with trees on their property have a duty of care – a responsibility to avoid injury to those on the land who come into contact with the tree. Accordingly, risk management is often required to keep wooded areas safe.

Because this can be a complex task, it is performed by professional tree surgeons.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

A tree surgeon has a wide range of responsibilities. Because their role is so diverse, surgeons offer a variety of care services to ensure a tree grows healthily, including felling dead trees, pruning dead or weak branches, removing stumps and planting new saplings.

Each job typically begins with an inspection of the tree/s to identify hazard areas and determine its overall health. A tree surgeon will be able to diagnose any diseases, deficiencies or fungi affecting a tree.

They will then outline a time frame needed to treat the problem and perform the tasks necessary to make the area safe and the trees healthy.

A tree surgeon is a dangerous job because the role requires the use of power tools (like chainsaws) while suspended high in the air to reach particularly tall trees. Due to the immense physical toll of tree care, experts in this profession have to be extremely physically fit.

Though there are dangers involved, any good tree surgeon takes the necessary safety measures to get the job done without a hitch.

When To Call A Tree Surgeon

Without the specialist knowledge that a tree surgeon has, it’s very difficult to cut down a tree or even remove branches without killing the living organism completely. It can also be hazardous- which is why calling a professional is essential.

If the branches of a tree on your property look unhealthy or unstable, you should call a tree surgeon to conduct an assessment of it.

If you think your tree has a disease, nutrient deficiency or fungi problem, a tree surgeon will be able to identify the issue. Similarly, if a part of the tree is posing a danger to people in the vicinity, they will be able to perform the maintenance necessary to make it safe ASAP.

You can also call a tree surgeon if you have a stump that needs removing or if you’re in doubt about the general health of the trees in your garden. This includes problems with roots and excess vegetation.

Benefits of Tree Surgery

In maintaining the health of trees and other vegetation, tree surgeons perform a very important function. If you’re unsure about the benefits involved with using their services, here are just some of the advantages of hiring a tree surgeon:

Improved public safety

Tree maintenance is performed because it makes private and public sites safer by removing the potential danger of damaged trees. When there are dead or weak branches, removing them prevents accidents or injury in the future. This is the main advantage of a tree surgeon’s services.

Better tree health

Trees perform the vital function of turning CO2 into oxygen; we need them to keep the planet going, so our trees must be kept healthy. By identifying and solving tree problems, a tree surgeon maintains the natural environment and helps ecosystems to thrive.

Improved appearance

As well as being dangerous, damaged or dead trees are certainly an eyesore. Having a surgeon perform tree work on your property will neaten up your outside space, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing sight of healthy and thriving trees.

Tree Surgery With Affordable Tree Services LTD

Here at Affordable Tree Services LTD, our expert tree surgeons can perform a wide variety of maintenance services.

Whatever your problem is, we’ll be able to solve it in no time!

Tree Felling

If you need a tree on your property removed, our expert team can perform felling services, from cutting down to disposing of all garden waste.

Stump Removal

To avoid a rotting stump from welcoming pests into your garden, it’s recommended that decaying tree stumps be removed. Our specialist tree surgeons can remove stumps while avoiding disruption to your land.

Tree Shaping And Pruning

When performing our specialist shaping and pruning services, we conform to the standards laid out by the British Standards 3998 (2010). This ensures that every tree is treated correctly and helps us to achieve consistently perfect results.