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What is a tree survey?

A tree survey involves a qualified professional obtaining useful and important information about a tree or collection of trees to help them make an informed decision on how to manage them.

Tree surveys occur on both public and private property and help people know what treatment each tree needs. A tree survey will also isolate potential hazards and minimize the risk of trees being removed when they don’t need to be or causing damage to a tree through incorrect guidance.

Typically, a tree survey will obtain information such as tree measurements, tree types, age and life expectancy, tree health and then recommendations for that tree.

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Do I need a tree survey?

In certain circumstances, you may be legally obliged to have a tree survey, especially if there are protected trees on your property or the property you wish to purchase.

Another common reason why people need or want a tree survey is if they’re purchasing land or property and they want to make changes which may impact the trees growing there.

Some people also opt for tree surveys as part of a wider risk management assessment because diseased trees can be hazardous to property and people around them.

What is the outcome of a tree survey?

We offer a bespoke tree survey service, so a member of our team will visit your site or home to understand your individual needs and requirements. We’ll then produce a comprehensive tree survey that takes into account a number of factors, including: tree species, age, health, measurements and risk to property and people.

From that, we’ll provide a list of recommendations to suit your needs. This can involve tree removal, tree pruning and tree management to minimise risks posed to property and people.

How much does a tree survey cost?

We can’t give a flat price for our tree survey removal service because each individual’s circumstances and requirements are different. However, with just a few details, we can give you a FREE quote.

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Why choose our tree survey service?

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We come with over 13 years’ of experience in tree felling, tree surveys and a wide range of tree surgery services

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We pride ourselves in offering a professional service at affordable prices, which we can do by working efficiently and effectively

Excellent standards

We’re independently qualified and accredited by the NPTC, ARB and CHAS, so we can deliver the highest quality of service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A tree survey takes into account a number of factors that affect trees and the property/people that surround them. Typically a tree survey will detail:

    • Number of trees
    • Tree specified
    • Tree age
    • Tree life expectancy
    • Tree measurements
    • Crown radius
    • Tree health status
    • Recommendations for tree management

    No. You need to have the appropriate arboricultural qualifications and accreditations to conduct a legally-recognised tree survey.

    We can’t say for definite how long a tree survey will last because every tree survey is different. However, with just a few more details we can give you an estimate. You can contact us here for more information about our tree survey service.

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