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What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is the removal of branches and leaves on a tree to either clear dead branches and leaves or to tidy a tree’s appearance, re-shape it or even reduce the height to let in more light.

We offer professional tree pruning services and have over 13 years’ experience in pruning trees. Our areas of expertise also include more specific types of tree pruning, such as tree crown lifting, tree crown reduction and tree crown thinning.

Why have a tree pruned?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to get a tree pruned. Often, people choose to prune a tree because the tree has grown into an overbearing presence in the garden or in front of the property, so they choose to get the tree pruned because it helps let in more natural life without getting rid of the tree itself.

There’s also important health and safety factors to pruning a tree too. Pruning can help a tree maintain its structural integrity and reduce the risk of broken branches.

Finally, tree pruning can be a relatively quick and effective way to improve the aesthetics of the tree.

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When should you prune trees?

It’s generally recommended that trees are pruned between late Autumn and early Spring, before the tree starts to bloom again in Spring.

This is also the time that trees in general are dormant and less likely to lose sap and less susceptible to insect and fungus infiltration.

Of course, not all trees are primed for pruning during the same period of time and there are exceptions to the rule, such as Cherry trees and Bay trees. If you have any questions about tree pruning, you can contact us here today.

How much does it cost to have a tree pruned

We can’t give a flat price for our tree pruning service because each individual’s circumstances and requirements are different. However, with just a few details, we can give you a FREE quote.

Why choose our tree pruning service?

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We come with over 13 years’ of experience in tree felling, removal and a wide range of tree surgery services

Affordable service

We pride ourselves in offering a professional service at affordable prices, which we can do by working efficiently and effectively

Excellent standards

We’re independently qualified and accredited by the NPTC, ARB and CHAS, so we can deliver the highest quality of service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s generally accepted that the best time to prune trees is between Autumn and Early Spring – basically when the tree is out of bloom. This can, however, change from tree-to-tree, so it’s always best to consult with a professional first.

    As with the majority of trees, it’s best to prune apple trees when the tree is dormant and before bloom, so the Autumn and Winter months are best.

    Cherry trees, unlike most other trees, are best pruned during the summer months. This is to minimise the risk of infection by silver leaf or bacterial canker.

    Unlike most trees, it’s best to prune plum trees in the Spring-time for younger plum trees and summer-time for older plum trees to avoid infection by silver leaf.

    Another tree that runs contrary to the rule that trees are best pruned during Autumn and Winter is the Bay Tree that is best pruned in late Spring to Summer. Bay trees also tend to require lighter pruning because they have a longer recovery time than a lot of trees.

    Done incorrectly, pruning can harm a tree and even shorten its lifespan. Tree biology and tree health should always be considered when pruning a tree, so it’s best to consult with a professional first, especially for heavy-duty pruning.

    Yes, pruning does encourage growth. The level of growth tends to depend on the depth of the pruning. As a broad rule, light pruning results in slower growth, while heavy pruning encourages faster growth.

    For most trees, Winter is probably the best time to prune because it comes just before the Spring bloom.

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