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What is tree crown thinning?

Crown thinning is a pruning technique that involves the removal of branches around the crown of the tree, which alters its shape by creating a uniformed branch structure. This also allows more daylight through, which is ideal for many homeowners who have trees blocking sunlight in their gardens, but don’t want them completely removed.

Crown thinning predominantly involves the removal of dead branches and requires a professional tree surgeon to do it because of the intricacies of the removal process and the risks involved. A professional tree surgeon will also take into consideration external factors, such as wildlife, property surrounding the tree and the tree’s biological makeup.

Tree crown thinning mainly applies to broad-leaved types of trees and is considered to be more difficult and precise than other types of tree pruning. Professional tree surgeons tend to work to percentages, for example carrying out a 30% crown thin to get the balance right.

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What are the benefits of tree crown thinning?

There are many benefits to tree crown thinning, including:

  • More daylight: tree crown thinning allows more light in, which means homeowners can keep their trees, while also enjoying more access to daylight
  • Safety: because tree crown thinning involves the removal of dead branches, it means people and property are more protected from falling branches, which can occur during more turbulent weather conditions
  • Wind access: tree crown thinning also allows more wind to pass through the tree, which means it’s less likely to be blown over in windy conditions
  • Aesthetics: tree crown thinning ultimately helps improve the branch structure of the tree, so it grows in a uniformed way

How much does tree crown thinning cost?

We can’t give a flat price for our tree crown thinning service because each individual’s circumstances and requirements are different. However, with just a few details, we can give you a FREE quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Being based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, we’re well placed to serve most of the North West, including: Manchester, Oldham, Bolton, Wigan, Leigh, Sale, Chester, Cheshire, Altrincham and beyond.

    We don’t recommend people who aren’t trained in tree crown thinning doing this themselves. That’s because it’s easy to damage a tree by improperly crown thinning and it can also be hazardous to the individual doing it without being trained to be aware of the risks involved.

    This is largely up to the individual. Most people choose this service when the tree is dense and blocks light or feel that the tree is vulnerable to windy conditions.

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