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Are you looking for professional dead wooding services? We can help! Dead wooding is essential to help trees grow and improve their natural health. Since too much deadwood can be very dangerous, with dead falling branches being one of the main hazards, it is important to have it dealt with correctly.

As professional tree surgeons, we can offer affordable but high-quality tree maintenance services. We cater to both commercial and domestic tree surgery, providing exceptional customer service every time.

With more than 13 years of experience in the tree service industry, we listen to our customers’ needs and worries, so we can come up with a completely tailored service. Scroll down to find out more about the benefits of having deadwood removed and how we can help you.

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What Is Dead Wooding?

To put it plainly, dead wooding is the removal of dead branches and limbs from trees. Light deficiency, pests, and disease damage, can all cause tree branches and limbs to die and fall off. Dead wooding is essential for safety reasons as when tree branches and limbs die they will fall, potentially causing accidents.

This is usually a slow process but it can be sped up by extreme temperatures or high winds. Dead wooding is particularly vital for trees overhanging roads, public areas, houses, and gardens.

Although safety is the main reason for dead wooding services, it can also be done to smarten trees up and make them more aesthetically pleasing too.

Why Should You Get Deadwood Removed?

It can attract pests

Dead trees are very attractive to pests. Ants, termites, and other insects, will find the tree and make themselves at home in it. These pests can rapidly multiply which means that other trees and even your property could be affected.

As well as that, animals may nest in the tree too. Rats frequently make nests in dead trees and this means they may eventually invade your house to find extra shelter and food.

Dead limbs are likely to fall

This is one of the main reasons why the removal of dead branches is so important. Diseased and dying branches are weak and there’s a very real danger of them falling and causing an accident or damage to property.

It only takes one storm or even just a light wind to make a dead branch fall off and come crashing to the ground. A dead wooding tree service removes any liability and safety concerns you may have.

It can be unsightly

Not only should you have deadwood removed for safety reasons, but diseased branches are not nice to look at. If you have unhealthy trees in your garden, it can make your whole property look very unsightly.

Having dead tree limbs and branches removed will neaten the trees up and also help them grow and restore their health.

The overall health of the tree will be impacted

As well as for safety and aesthetic reasons, dead wooding will also improve the general health of the tree. Trees waste a lot of energy if they have to try and regrow because of dead branches. This can have a substantial impact on its overall health.

Deadwood can also prevent the tree from getting enough sunlight, so it won’t be able to grow enough. The trees wind resistance can also be affected by deadwood so the removal of it will help the tree to thrive.

How Does The Dead Wooding Process Work?

The dead wooding process involves trimming each dead branch from the tree. We’ll start by performing a full assessment of your tree. Once we’ve assessed its condition, we’ll go through the services that we recommend to get it in tip-top condition.

Dead wooding can be a dangerous process, so never try to attempt it on your own. Our tree surgeons are specially trained professionals and are equipped with the correct tools to perform the job safely and effectively.

How Much Does Dead Wooding Cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t give a flat fee rate because our tree surgery and dead wooding services depend on each case. After our experts have assessed your situation we’ll provide you with a free quote.

Why Choose Our Dead Wooding Service?

Not only do we offer professional and effective tree surgery, but our prices are extremely affordable. Each of our tree surgeons is highly qualified and accredited by associations such as:

  • NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council)
  • CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)
  • ARB (Arboricultural Association)

These accreditations, as well as our 13 years of experience, mean you can be sure you’ll receive a professional and high-quality service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Although there’s never a wrong time to remove dead and dying branches, the best time to have it done is during the winter. Dead wooding during dormancy can encourage the tree to grow once the weather warms up.

    Additionally, the absence of leaves during winter means that each dead branch can be identified and removed quickly and easily.

    Branches that are dead, particularly lower branches, can easily fall and land on passers-by, animals, children playing, or property such as cars. Not only is there a falling risk, but they’re also a potential threat to the tree itself and others nearby.

    Deadwood can stunt the growth of the tree, cause root damage, and encourage pests and insects to nest in it. This means other nearby trees may be affected as the pests expand and search for more shelter.

    No, the removal of deadwood does not require permission, even if the tree is protected. Since deadwood is deemed dangerous, a tree surgeon can carry out the work right away in order to make it safe.

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