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Affordable Tree Surgery comes with over 13 years’ of experience and specialises in both domestic and commercial tree surgery, delivering a professional and high-quality service at accessible prices.

We’re proud to offer customers a wealth of experience across a broad range of tree surgery services, which you can browse below for more information:

Hedge trimming

If your hedges are looking a bit on the wild-side, we’ll be able to help with our professional head trimming service. We’ll make sure your hedges are not only looking their best, but also preserved for healthy future growth.

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Tree stump removal

Tree stumps can be unsightly, hazardous and difficult to remove. That’s where we can help. We’ll come and efficiently and effectively remove tree stumps of all sizes to ensure the ground below is levelled and safe.

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Tree felling and removal

A professional tree felling services needs to include the perfect preparation and execution, which we at Affordable Tree Surgery will deliver. Tree felling needs to be done carefully and precisely, which our highly qualified tree surgeons have been trained to do.

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Tree pruning

Whether you want to tidy your tree’s appearance, reduce its size or clear-out dead leaves or branches, Affordable Tree Surgery is here to help. Our trained team will improve the aesthetics and vigour of your tree, for a happier and healthier appearance.

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Tree crown thinning

Tree crown thinning is a delicate operation that can be great for helping to evenly shape a tree to improve its aesthetics and future growth potential. Our team has worked across many different trees of various shapes and sizes, so are we placed to deliver a professional crown thinning service.

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Tree surveys

Affordable Tree Surgery offers detailed and comprehensive tree surveys and reports across the Greater Manchester area for various needs and requirements, including planning, subsidence damage, safety & risk management and more.

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Hedge removal

Whether you want more space, less light/scenery obstruction or want to plant something new, or professional hedge removal service will do just that. We’ll make sure it’s done with the care and consideration of the wider property and wildlife too.

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Grounds maintenance

We offer excellent grounds maintenance services for both home and business owners. Our grounds maintenance services include mowing lawns, weeding, landscaping, planting new trees, felling trees and tree stump removal.

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Tree crown reduction

Tree crown reduction is an excellent way to gently reduce the size of a tree or remove dead and diseased branches. We’ll use our vast expertise to make sure this process is done efficiently and safely, with consideration for surrounding wildlife too.

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Tree management

Trees often need to be nursed and managed in a careful way, particularly in urban areas. We’ll make sure trees on your property are looked after and able to grow without causing detriment to their surroundings, while also making sure they maintain their aesthetic appeal.

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Tree crown lifting

We offer a bespoke and professional tree crown lifting service to home and business owners who may want to improve accessibility around their property or area without having to remove a tree entirely.

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Emergency tree work

If you’re in a situation where you need emergency tree work, it’s crucial you hire a professional and experienced tree surgeon who can work quickly and effectively. With over 13 years’ of experience, we’re able to do that, whatever the situation may be.

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