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In order to provide the raw materials that are needed to develop construction, housing and energy, a process of logging must take place. Logging involves the cutting down and processing of trees for transportation and is done to manage large forests, reduce risks of hazardous wildfires and to maintain our ecosystem.

Logs can then be transported to other locations and can be used to create wood chips as well as provide wood for domestic fireplaces.

Affordable Tree Surgery provides optimal tree surgery services and believes in protecting our environment. Prior to any service we conduct, we have a full consultation regarding the surrounding wildlife to ensure that no harm will come to it.


Log prices

Seasoned hardwood – £70/tonne

Seasoned hardwood – Cages at £120 (Worth 2 and half ton bags)

Delivery to Greater Manchester areas only. Delivery included

Logs For Sale

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Oak Logs

In comparison to other types of wood that are commonly used to create log homes, oak is not usually the first option to use – despite its density and hardness. Its good qualities are also its downfall as builders find it challenging to construct with oak and tend to choose other types of wood out of convenience. However, the benefit of using oak wood is that oak is resistant to decay and insect destruction due to possessing natural repellent chemicals.

For campfires in particular, oak is considered to be one of the best fire logs for sale. Dry oak can produce a lot of heat and burn steadily for a while and is also widely available for use.


Timber is another type of wood that is processed for construction purposes but also can be used in making furniture and items that require specialist carpentry. Timber also has a sleek look and is widely available.

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DIY Desires

For those who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get carpenting themselves, we also provide a range of logs:

Large Logs

Large logs can be used for a variety of purposes. You could create raised garden beds using longer, large logs to create a beautiful aesthetic for your garden!

Round Logs

Round logs are perfect for creating wood log planters or even providing an earthy, natural looking bench area.

Uncut Logs & Bags of Logs

If you’re eager to get creative with your DIY and spend some time carpenting yourself, you can purchase uncut logs that you can mould to your liking!

Find tree logs for sale near me – if you’re looking for logs for sale (Manchester) contact Affordable Tree Surgery now for further information.

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